EOSJS Version 20-beta3: React Native Support and Enhancements for Signature Providers

December 19th, 2018

Today we released the beta3 update to EOSJS v20.0.0. There are breaking changes in the release, so it is important for integrators to have their dependency versions locked. The changes in the release are a further step towards our plan to enable Dapp developers to integrate with one universal API and automatically support any key…

#BuiltonEOSIO: FITBLOX Puts Users in Control of Their Fitness — And Their Data

December 12th, 2018

#BuiltOnEOSIO: FITBLOX Puts Users in Control of Their Fitness — And Their Data Co-founder and CEO Peter M. Dray tells Block.one about his Wyoming, USA-based team’s vision of combining secure fitness-tracking technology and incentive-based social media How would you describe your dApp? Peter M. Dray: FITBLOX is at the intersection of user-monetized social media and secure fitness-tracking technology. The FITBLOX…

#BuiltOnEOSIO: Azarus Takes Gaming ‘Challenges’ to a New Level on Blockchain

December 3rd, 2018

Alex Casassovici tells Block.one about a platform that allows players to define and run their own challenges on their own terms How would you describe your app? Alex Casassovici: Azarus is a game challenge network. The idea is to let every player define and run their own challenges on their own terms. We have been working…

EOSIO Version 1.5.0-rc1:

November 21st, 2018

(Updated) EOSIO Version 1.5.0-rc1: Release Candidate for Multithreaded Signature Verification, A State History Plugin, and Blacklist Security Enhancements. Updated as of December 5, 2018: EOSIO V1.5.0 has now been published as a Stable Release. Today we’re pleased to announce EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 as a Release Candidate. You can find more about EOSIO V1.5.0-rc1 detailed here on Github,…

EOSIO Version 1.4.3 and EOSIO.CDT Version 1.4.0 Release

November 8th, 2018

Today we are pleased to announce the release of EOSIO V1.4.3 and EOSIO.CDT V1.4.0. We are continually collecting feedback from community members who are building applications on EOSIO and are constantly seeking to improve the developer experience on the platform. In addition to release notes and documentation, the Block.one Developer Relations team — in coordination with the…

#BuiltOnEOSIO: Wizards.one Marks its Territory on the EOS Battlefield

October 31st, 2018

The team behind LetItPlay have built a CryptoKitties-style game involving CryptoWizards — and a trading system that can be replicated and scaled, says CEO Andrey Durakov How would you describe your DAPP? Andrey Durakov: Wizards.one is a game involving CryptoWizards, colorful digital characters that can be bought, collected, and auctioned. But ultimately they exist to fight each other…

Announcing Elemental Battles — Block.one’s

October 18th, 2018

Announcing Elemental Battles: Block.one’s New Tutorial for On-boarding Aspiring Blockchain Developers New release makes learning EOSIO easy for anyone who can use JavaScript and C++ Today, Block.one is thrilled to unveil Elemental Battles, an exciting new toolkit that will inspire and on-board a new generation of blockchain developers by simplifying the learning curve for EOSIO beginners….

#BuiltOnEOSIO: Canada’s Eva Takes Ride-Sharing Local

October 18th, 2018

Co-operative model could mark a new blockchain-based iteration of the sharing economy One of the phrases most commonly touted by blockchain developers is “decentralization.” The team behind Eva, “a co-operative ride-sharing application” built on the EOSIO blockchain protocol, are certainly enthusiastic about that concept. But there’s another guiding principle that seems just as fundamental to Eva…

EOSIO Version 1.4.0

October 18th, 2018

EOSIO Version 1.4.0 Release: Deterministic Snapshots, Cloud Server Performance, and updates to the EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit Today we are pleased to announce the next version of EOSIO, V1.4.0. We have also addressed a major update to the EOSIO.CDT, which you can read more about below. For EOSIO V1.4.0 you can view the detailed release…

Calling Technical Mentors for the EOS Global Hackathon in San Francisco

October 11th, 2018

It’s that time again. Following the huge success of Block.one’s EOS Global Hackathon events in Hong Kong, Sydney and London — where teams showcased their creative blockchain-based solutions and the top three from each hackathon walked away with cash prizes and the chance to compete in the Grand Finale, in Cape Town, for US$500,000 — our next stop is…