Announcing Elemental Battles —’s

October 18th, 2018

Announcing Elemental Battles:’s New Tutorial for On-boarding Aspiring Blockchain Developers

Announcing Elemental Battles —’s

New release makes learning EOSIO easy for anyone who can use JavaScript and C++

Today, is thrilled to unveil Elemental Battles, an exciting new toolkit that will inspire and on-board a new generation of blockchain developers by simplifying the learning curve for EOSIO beginners.

Elemental Battles is a free, eight-lesson online tutorial based around a demo of a game set in a fantasy world in which players harness the power of three ancient elements — Wood, Water, and Fire — as they engage with the basic building blocks of the EOSIO codebase and learn how to create apps on the platform.

Announcing Elemental Battles —’s

The launch is part of’s ongoing drive to open EOSIO and blockchain up to the wider programming community and pave the way to mass adoption of the technology. It is also part of our ongoing engagement with existing EOSIO users around the accessibility of the software.

Anyone with knowledge of C++ and JavaScript will be able to build their own fully-functioning version of the game by completing the eight lessons. Another cool feature is that all tutorial and game results are recorded on the blockchain.

As Serg Metelin, our Head of Developer Relations, describes it: “Elemental Battles is an engaging, relatable and fun way to learn the basics of blockchain. As blockchain is becoming more popular, there is also increased interest from developers to learn how to use the technology.”

“Much of the world’s existing digital infrastructure is based on C++ and JavaScript, and our tutorial is an entry point to blockchain and EOSIO for this community of developers. The objective of Elemental Battles is to enable these individuals to gain knowledge and skill in this area through a user-friendly interface.”

Serg adds: “Making access easier opens the door to a huge potential user-base, especially with educational institutions now starting to take programming more seriously. Being able to develop on EOSIO could be the breakthrough skill for a new generation of enterprising developers, and Elemental Battles offers a gateway to that.”

In the Elemental Battles game, the aim with each move is to select a card that ‘beats’ the card selected by a computer-powered opponent. Each card corresponds to an element and has its own point value. Win or lose, players can then work through the tutorials to learn about an entirely new life force — blockchain — and about developing on EOSIO.

Announcing Elemental Battles —’s

Topics include initial setup of a development environment, the basics of EOSIO smart contract development, writing simple AI code, game logic validation and pre-designed graphical assets needed for the game. Each lesson is presented in the split-screen format, with instructions on the left and a coding window on the right. While players are using the game, it also creates a real-time record of the code used in each of the tutorials.

Since the release of EOSIO in June, has turned its focus to driving mass adoption of blockchain technology. Having delivered for users in terms of transaction speeds, transparency, and ease-of-use, we believe the platform is poised to scale blockchain to the next level. A key pillar in that mission is to simplify the developer experience and create toolkits to make blockchain development more familiar to programmers from other disciplines.

Elemental Battles is very much a step in that journey,” says Serg. “We hope people enjoy using it as we much as we enjoyed developing it — and that it helps them to do great things with blockchain technology.”