Tezos (XTZ) Gains 7% Amid Listing On These Two Crypto Exchanges

August 16th, 2019

A Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency trading and payment platform has officially announced that it has added Tezos (XTZ) to its app and that it is also exploring the possibilities of implementing XTZ staking reward system for its users. This arrangement will enable users to buy Tezos at zero costs via bank transfers and credit cards.

Tezos Now On Coinbase Pro And Crypto.com

This news comes following the report that Coinbase Pro, earlier this month, added support for Tezos as its newest tradable asset. On the 5th of August, Coinbase Pro made an official announcement to inform its users of the newly available crypto assets which it had just added to its platform. Later on, Coinbase also confirmed about 8 other crypto assets for which it was exploring support including waves and two other cryptocurrencies; Harmony and Matic Network which launched via Binance Launchpad. However, BNB, Binance native cryptocurrency was left out of the options.

XTZ Up Rougly 5%

Tezos caught the bullish fever following its recent news of Coinbase Pro support. Surging up consistently for about 24 hours after the announcement, Tesoz had touched around $1.23 dollar per unit of the cryptocurrency. Although later giving in to some selling pressure as a result of the bull run, XTZ had slumped by a few percents to settle at $1.05 by the 15th of August. Over the last 24 hours, XTZ has surged up by another 5%, landing a price of $1.15.


Tezos Foundation is a non-profit with a blockchain built on the new Proof-of-Stake system. It is based in Switzerland. It conducted an ICO in 2017 in which it raised $232 million.

Tezos Steadily Developing Since ICO

Since its launch, Tezos has been showing great prospects every time it appears in the news. Earlier this year, in February, Elevated Returns (ER), a financial group which focuses on digitizing traditional financial assets and popular for its tokenization of the St. Regis resort in Aspen, made an official announcement that it chose Tezos as the blockchain on which it aimed to provide fully compliant tokenized real-estate offerings to qualified investors.

Most Recent Milestones

Later on in July, Banco BTG Pactual S.A. in collaboration with Dalma Capital, a Dubai based asset manager, announced plans to utilize the Tezos blockchain for Security Token Offerings (STOs).

Thursday, Bitfinex announced that would allow its customers and investors to trade tezos, alongside Stellar against both Bitcoin and US dollar, and also to make deposits for the token.