DApp Battle: Tron [TRX] Races Ahead Of Ethereum As Six Tron Dapps Find Place In Top 10 Ranking

January 26th, 2019

While Ethereum based Dapp’s held top positions for all this time, their supremacy is now in danger. According to the latest ranking on DappRadar, 6 Tron and 4 EOS Dapp’s find a place in the Top 10 ranking knocking off all Ethereum based Dapp’s

Justin Sun foresees 10 on 10 seats for Tron based Dapp’s

The latest ranking for the Dapp’s was shared by Justin Sun on Twitter that showed none of the Ethereum based Dapp’s in the top 10 ranking. According to the tweet, Justin foresighted all 10 positions going to Trop based Dapp in near future

According to the ranking EOS based PRA Candybox acquired the top spot. The other EOS based apps that found a place in this ranking table were EOS Knights, ENBank and EOSBet.

For Tron, the leading app on the table was Epic Dragons while the other included PLAY GOC, ToCandy, DICE 3D, TRONbet and ALLBET.

With Constantinople delayed, Ethereum problems don’t seem to be coming to end soon. The network still remains fairly congested and the Dapp’s have been struggling due to it and their performance is dipping. This being the reason a lot of Dapp’s have moved out of the Ethereum blockchain and are moving to Tron and EOS which are still pretty seamless.

Recently Justin Sun was interviewed by CryptoManran Ran Neuner on CNBC Africa where Sun gave an insight into how Tron is growing as a Dapp ecosystem. Sun mentioned that currently Tron has around 200 Dapp’s and with the speed that Tron offers it is expected to bring in many more Dapp’s. According to Sun, Tron has the speed of 2000 TPS which 200 times faster than Ethereum and Tron as on today can achieve 3 million transactions every day

Sun also mentioned that the network is pretty much strong and can manage millions of transactions and all the criticism regarding the network not able to manage large volumes especially coming from BitTorrent are fake.

Thanks to its capabilities like speed, less congestion, and amazing Dapp ecosystem, Tron has been one of the coins that have grown despite market meltdown. The network and token are yet going strong as the project readies itself for the big test which it to onload the existing BitTorrent on Tron network and keep its functionality seamless.

With some strong fundamentals falling in place from Tron in 2019, the token could see its price skyrocket soon. Its Justin vision of taking Tron to the top could soon be a reality.