Bitcoin Eyeing $11000 – Will BTC Break ATH of $11k Before New Week Begin?

June 22nd, 2019

So the market is flourishing with the new value of Bitcoin (BTC). The price of Bitcoin has already crossed $10000 on June 22 and is currently trading at over $10700 against US Dollar.

Bitcoin (BTC) Enjoys Weekend Party

Looks like Bitcoin (BTC) enjoys the weekend party with price over $10750 on June 22, 2019. At the time of writing, the trading volume of Bitcoin counts $191,128,846,521 with the growth of 10.79 percent over the past 24 hours.

With BTC, other altcoins as well as thriving with appraising values. Consequently, Ethereum (ETH) is surging with 8.20 percent, XRP with 4.46 percent, Litecoin with 3.34 percent, Bitcoin Cash BCH) with 5.6 percent, EOS with 4.14 percent, Binance Coin (BNB) with 4.92 percent, Bitcoin SV (BSV) with 2.21 percent, Tether (USDT) with 0.02 percent and Stellar (XLM) with 2.94 percent respectively.

Source: Coinmarketcap

Looking closer at the data provided by Coinmaketcap, the highest trading volume of BTC is available at, followed by other largest exchanges including CoinBene, Binance, Coinall, Bit-X, OEX, DigiFinex, BitForex, IDAX, and OKEx respectively. However, the major trading pairs are available with USDT.

Image source – Coinmarketcap

Moreover, the total market cap at the time of wiring counts at over $322 billion wherein BTC dominance can be found at 59.2% level. However, the towering value 0f Bitcoin has seen over 230% growth since it’s the fallout of $3100 during December last year.

However, few think that Libra’s launch made BTC even stronger – as, David Martin, Chief Investment Officer at U.S. asset manager Blockforce Capital states;

“This rally we are witnessing can be largely attributed to Facebook releasing the details of the long-awaited Libra cryptocurrency, he said. “All this exposure has led to bitcoin entering the mainstream news discussion as well,” he added.

Whatsoever, Bitcoin kept on stepping up to new figures – and it’s interesting to look at the next phase of BTC. So readers, what do you think the next step of Bitcoin, do you think it will crack $11K before new week begin or will we have pullback again.? Let us know in the comment below.