Apple Hiring Business Developers With Cryptocurrency Experience

May 26th, 2021


Apple Inc. the popular tech firm today published a job posting for a business developer in the field of Alternate Payment. The job posting quickly became the talk of the crypto town as it mentioned the requirement of 5+ years of working experience in the field of cryptocurrency or another alternate payment field. The official requirement for the job read,

5+ years experience working in or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, Fast Payments, cryptocurrency, etc

Source: Apple

The fact that Apple is looking for a business developer with experience in crypto made many speculate whether Apple Pay could be looking to support crypto payments. Only last year one of the top executives of the firm had mentioned that Apple was looking for an alternative source of revenues beyond iPhones and they are keeping an eye on the growing cryptocurrency market.

Apple Inc also made headlines after it prohibited users from making crypto purchases through their credit card launched last year, which wasn’t a new thing for a credit card company to do.

Would Apple Inc. Dwell Into Crypto?

Apple is one of the most cash-rich companies in the US as well as around the world that became one of the first tech companies to reach a trillion-dollar treasury valuation. Being a traditional tech firm with a firm belief in the US Dollar, so the chances of them making a crypto integration seems far-fetched, however, this could be a possible start in that direction.

Apple Inc closed payment ecosystem where it ensures all payments are made in the US Dollar and seems quite adamant about its rules. There has never been any official comment from Apple on cryptocurrency specifically either.

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