33 Cryptocurrencies Described In Four Words Or Less

April 15th, 2019

Cryptocurrencies and its corresponding jargons are the most noticed ones in the Crypto world, they include initial coin offerings, the blockchain, Bitcoin, exchanges, Ether and so. These terms have created quite a Buzz in the online forms and at many other conversations like the media. In spite of the hype created the terms are still a puzzle for many people. The reputation of these cryptocurrencies have come a long way from its launch and is now included in both popularity as well as technological advancement.

The blockchain technology which is lying beneath the cryptos has been said to create a powerful impact on the applications in various industries be it from media or healthcare. They also tend to carry few controversies, where bitcoin is called evil or a mirage by few critics and the same bitcoin is considered as the next internet by few optimists.

Few call them as a bubble and the others see the same as the next wave to the democratization of finance sector. In short, they are the latest financial technology fad. Cryptos are being seen as the technological challenge and also a revolution to political, social and economic issues of society.

As said earlier cryptos do not carry an intrinsic value, users invest in them for a couple of primary causes and reasons. One such speculative element which makes the investors entice and look forward towards the profits from the changes in the market value is the cryptocurrency prices. Other than this speculation, people invest in the cryptocurrencies as a geopolitical way to protect themselves against the financial loses, that is because, in times of political uncertainty and danger, the value or prices of these cryptos tends to increase. One such example is the economic and political disturbance of Brazil which has increased the Bitcoin exchange trade in the year 2015 and 2016. The price of Bitcoin has also increased with the victory of Trump and Brexit and this continues to increase along with the controversies of Trump. team has come up with an interesting infographic on – 33 Cryptocurrencies described in four words or less, please check the following infographic and let us know your thoughts on it.

33 Cryptocurrencies