PR: Updates – AXPR HODL Initiative and Listing

February 1st, 2019 Updates: AXPR HODL Initiative and Listing is proud to announce the launch of its AXPR Prime program, which is a loyalty program for HODLERS of at least 250,000 AXPR. Members of the program receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Free entry into weekly 10,000 AXPR Prime contests.
    • 1 chance to win per 250K AXPR.
  • Early-access to new aXpire products and initiatives.
  • 1 free promoted listing on per quarter.
    • once launched – 1 per 250K AXPR.
  • AXPR Prime Member verified user badge on
    • once launched – 1 per 250K AXPR.
  • AXPR Prime Member exclusive flair on the aXpire subreddit.
  • Exclusive access to any potential airdrops from aXpire accelerator clients.
  • Exclusive access to the new private AXPR Prime telegram group.
  • Exclusive access to the new aXpire newsletter for AXPR Prime members.
  • Ability to submit questions for the monthly public aXpire Q&A.
  • Ability to submit questions for public aXpire podcast guests.
  • Priority story submissions for aXpire’s Family Office Network newsletters.

8.5M AXPR (~2.5% of the total supply) is already a part of the HODL program! HODLERS include the team and’s Roger Ver / Mate Tokay!

In return for these benefits, AXPR Prime Members sign up to HODL at least 250,000 AXPR for 1 year, which in turns benefits themselves (through “emotional alpha” – HODL through turbulent times) and the broader community. Those looking to become AXPR Prime Members need to sign up for a MetaMask wallet and go to our HODL smart contract interface website:

For more details on the program, please read our earlier Medium post here:

We have also launched a related program to help empower our community to act as commissioned sales people, known as the aXpire Ambassador Program. Any introductions that lead to the sales of Resolvr will earn our Ambassadors ~$15,000 and a free AXPR Prime membership.

In the final piece of exciting news, aXpire is proud to announce its listing on, a leading cryptocurrency altcoin exchange. AXPR is proud to join the ranks of top altcoins listed on the platform, and has a BTC / ETH pair:

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